Thoughtful brand strategy and graphic design for organizations that do great things.


Welcome to Anchored Creative Studio.

We are a brand strategy and design studio that solves problems. We work to define your mission and align it with a thoughtful design strategy that anchors your brand - helping you reach your desired core audience with maximum impact.

We are based in New York and work with organizations worldwide. Our primary clients are entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and schools - but we love working with anyone who is passionate about what they do.


What we offer

It's our goal to always create work that is anchored in your brand and communicates with your audience. We work well with any organization that is looking for ways to reach their desired audience, is looking for someone to take hold of the branding process, and wants to work collaboratively.


Visual Strategy & Branding

What are you saying with your organization’s visuals? Our core offering goes beyond logo creation, digging deep to define your mission and audience, and creating the perfect visual identity that will aid in attracting the right clients and customers.

We start out with a collaborative strategy session before translating your brand strategy into visual form, creating a brand identity that represents your values and will resonate with your desired audience. 

Once we nail down your core brand, we'll get to work on other elements, such as business cards or other collateral items. Each branding package can be customized to fit your needs. 


Donor & Enrollment Design Strategy

We work with nonprofits and educational institutions of all sizes to develop and implement campaigns based off existing or new branding and themes. Well-versed in donor communication, we have worked on individual giving campaigns, school enrollment campaigns, foundation proposals, corporate sponsorship and membership packets, and everything in between. 

Having designed nonprofit materials that have resulted in donors of $2 million, Anchored can work with your team to create materials that result in action from your donor base. 




Anna Beyerle
Owner, Designer, Creative Director

Hey there! I'm Anna Beyerle, the founder of Anchored Creative Studio. I became an entrepreneur at the age of five - going door-to-door in my neighborhood reselling envelopes for a nickel a piece (quite the markup). Anchored came along about 20 years later, born out of my desire to provide design and strategy services for organizations doing great things. I like to think I still carry that young envelope-selling tenacity - paired with just a bit more experience.

I’ve spent my career working in-house and as a freelancer/consultant with nonprofits and smaller businesses, and am passionate about making a change. I work with people who are passionate about their message and are eager to trust me to communicate it. I have experience working with organizations of all sizes, and working on nonprofit teams with annual giving goals ranging from $100,000 to $7 million. I don’t work with a one-size-fits-all philosophy, and am ready to dig in and see what works best for you and your team.

If any of that sounds like you, we’re off to a good start.


Our Business Values

Challenge. You’re coming to us because there’s something that isn’t quite clicking with your business. We are here to help align your organization’s design style so that everything else will fall into place. Our process of brand strategy and design brings your organization’s mission to the surface so you can better reach your core audience.

Honesty. We believe in being very real and open. This value is the reason we have structured our process like we have, so we are able to dig deep and get to the real tenets of your brand. We are honest about what will work for you and how it will fit in your business. We create custom projects for custom clients, and honesty is at the core of that.

Transparency. We kick off all potential projects with a phone consultation, and then deliver a pricing proposal that provides in-depth detail on timeline, pricing, scope of work, and other expectations of our project. We have thorough contracts so everyone is protected, and nothing is left up to guesswork.

Connection. Anchored is an intentionally small studio, taking on a select number of clients per year. We do this so we can make real connections with the organizations we work with - you’re never a number to us, and we are always here to respond swiftly to any questions. We hope to forge not only a professional relationship, but a personal one as well.

Contact Us

Want to work together? Find out more info? Just want to say hi? Drop a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you’d prefer to get in touch via email, send a note to anna [at] anchoredcreative [dot] studio.

We are currently booking for projects to start in February 2019.