Passion. Communication. Design. 

About the Designer

I’m Anna, the designer behind Anchored Creative Studio. I create brand concepts and meaningful design pieces for small businesses, non-profits and special events.

I always loved design and considered studying it in college, but I thought I ‘wasn’t artistic enough’. So I picked a different form of creative communication, majoring in journalism and starting my career in marketing. Working mainly for non-profits after college, I became a self-taught designer—partly from necessity and partly because I loved it. I just couldn’t leave it alone! After five years, I went back to school for design and launched Anchored Creative Studio in 2016.

Now that I’m working on my true passion, it’s my mission to help other individuals and organizations communicate their passions too. My grounding in marketing helps me create graphic designs with intention. I understand that the images I create are part of a wider promotional strategy, and that every shape and flourish is part of your message.

I work mainly with non-profits and creative types, but I love helping anybody who’s passionate about their mission and trusts me to share it with visual design—whether it’s a new logo, custom lettering, branded packaging, or anything else we can imagine together.

I also create unique invitations, greeting cards and illustrations under the banner of Harbor Paper Company.

Currently based in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens, I can be found most days working out of a local coffee shop or in my living room with my furry coworker, Roscoe the cat.

I would highly recommend working with Anna for anyone who has branding or design needs - it was a seamless, affordable, wonderful process!
— Leslie Bucheit, The Perfect Shirt

Why work with Anchored Creative Studio? 


I most often collaborate with non-profit organizations, small businesses and solo entrepreneurs, and many of my clients have creative flair. I work with people who are passionate about their message and eager to trust me to communicate it. I love promoting work that makes a tangible difference in the world, whether you’re making a creative product or making concrete change happen. If any of that sounds like you, we’re off to a good start.

So, what sets me apart from other designers?

I was a marketer first. My marketing background helps me create graphic design with intention, because I understand that the images I create are part of a wider promotional strategy. I don’t just design things that look good—I design things that work from a marketing perspective.

I design overall branding, as well as individual pieces. I can offer a whole branding package, including colors and custom lettering that you can use for your brand, forever. Or I can design individual pieces that integrate with your existing brand.

Authenticity rules my work. When I took the leap to pursue my true passion - design - I started helping other people be authentic in their pursuits too. I do this with design that communicates your message clearly, and reflects your mission and values.

I want my work to make a difference. I started my career working for non-profits, and I loved seeing how those organizations produced tangible differences in the world—like funding a school or planning a city. In the same way, I want my designs to make a meaningful difference to my clients. You’ll walk away with design pieces that are easy to use, cover all your needs and empower your to promote your business better.