Branding: Mascara Chicks

A few months ago, my friend Caroline, a presenter with Younique, approached me to help her out with a new logo for her business. Mascara Chicks is Caroline's platform to promote Younique products and she was looking for a cohesive look on her website and social platforms. Younique's main brand color is purple, so Caroline wanted to stick with that for a color palette. I was excited to come up with a logo that showed her business personality of fun, femininity and positivity. Here are the final logos in the two shades of purple we came up with.

Primary Logo


Secondary Logo


I adore the ways these turned out. The marks at the beginning of the "m" are a subtle nod to the makeup roots of the business, but since Caroline often shares other coaching messages on her page, they can transcend being used solely on Younique promotions.

Check out more about Mascara Chicks on their website!