Square Wisdom: July

Square wisdom is exactly what it sounds like. My favorite pieces of wisdom, pulled from my Instagram feed. One of my favorite parts about owning my own business is the ability to show off and even earn a living (!) off my own creative style. Here's a few of my Instagram artworks from the last month (ish).
  1. One of Craig Sager's quotes from the ESPYs.
  2. I attended Forecastle for the second time this year; the Avett Brothers impressed as always. This is a quote from one of my favorite jams of theirs.
  3. A quote from LeBron James' "I'm Coming Home" essay from summer 2014. Nothing seemed more fitting after the amazing Cleveland Cavaliers championship in late June.
  4. I posted this gem over on Ponya Bands' Instagram account. Simply a reminder that goalsetting is important and working hard is the only thing that will get you to them.