Branding: Amelia Damplo Videography & Yoga

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I love every brand that I help develop. I love talking to the people behind home-grown businesses and passionate nonprofits to hear about why they are so excited about what they do. I love putting those emotions into the visuals behind a brand -- logos, colors, fonts, and graphics. I love making an organization's audience feel those emotions that were the reason behind its founding. 

That being said, I love every brand -- but Amelia Damplo's might be one of my favorites.

Amelia Damplo's mood board

Amelia Damplo's mood board

I connected with Amelia through a creative Facebook group we are both part of. A videographer that works mainly with artists and artisans, Amelia wanted to create an overarching brand for herself that she could also use for herself as a yoga teacher. We teamed up to create a dynamic brand that spoke to both Amelia as a videographer and yogi.

Although we initially explored the idea of a handwritten logo, we both Amelia and I were drawn to the idea of cutout-style lettering. She works primarily with artists as a videographer, and wanted to show a bold yet handmade look as to appeal to her desired audience. 

What we came up with is handmade yet polished, and I couldn't love the end result more. A moodier, earthy color palette dominates her videography logo, and reflects many of the colors Ameila focuses on in her videos. Her yoga color palette is brighter and lighter, while still showing some earth tones in order to anchor these two together.

This brand gave me an opportunity to create some incredibly unique custom letters, and it was a really fun departure from the type of work I typically produce. I can't wait to do more like it in the future! Scroll below for final versions of Amelia's logos and collateral. 

Amelia Damplo Yoga Pinterest.png