Introducing Branding Your Biz: A Visual Identity Workbook Series for Small Business Owners & Nonprofits


Before Anchored was even a thought in my mind, I knew I wanted to help people. I spent my entire pre-entrepreneurship career working in nonprofits and small businesses, but could never find the right fit. There weren't many options for designers at these types of organizations, because they didn't have the budget for them. I was always bummed about this, because I've worked for and with amazing companies that have great missions - but haven't had the chance to develop a cohesive brand.

As a graphic designer, I've focused my work on working with mainly small businesses and nonprofits because I know they can succeed -- and do great things. But so many still don't have the resources to hire a designer to help establish their brand, or don't even know what a brand *is*.

Introducing Branding Your Biz, a three-part workbook series that will help teach fledgling companies what a brand is, how to establish their own, and - most importantly - how to successfully implement a brand.

Part one will focus on finding your visual brand, with parts two and three will focus on narrowing, defining, and DIY-ing your brand. This series is perfect for someone who wants to know the branding basics, or who wants to create as much of their own visual brand as they can.

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