My Goals for Q2 2018: Ballast Notes

It seems quite fitting that it's writing my blog post about Q2 goals about half a month into the quarter. If Q1 was slow and steady for me, Q2 is shaping up to be quite the opposite. I've been rapidly picking up client work, and will likely be spending this quarter focusing more on clients' growth than my own, which has given me pause to tweak a few of the goals I'd already worked out. 

My theme for Q2 is "Be." Short and sweet, I want to really embody my year theme of Cultivate through not doing more than I need to, and working smarter instead of harder. Hustle can be exhausting, and I'm planning a wedding and picking up an additional career of yoga teacher this quarter, so I'm focusing on not being to hard on myself.

And without further ado, my goals!

  • Continue blogging and tie in with #BallastNotes on Instagram.
    I've loved blogging so much this past quarter, and really want to keep it up. I've also been coming up with separate, bite-sized wisdom to share on Instagram, and want to better integrate the two - bite-sized wisdom on the 'gram (and other social media - more on that in the next goal), and want to expand more on that for those interested in reading more on here. 

  • Tailor my audience.
    As Anchored continues to evolve, I'm consistently looking to tailor my audience. To see who my message connects with the most, and the types of people I love working with. And as I narrow this down, I want to work on better reflecting this on my website and other platforms. 

  • Create more social media consistency and share on all platforms.
    After focusing most of my social media time and energy on Instagram, imagine my surprise when I realized I actually get the most website traction from Facebook. This quarter, I want to be better at sharing unique messages on each platform, and to not take the easy way out.

  • Work on securing more retainer clients.
    Ah, the elusive retainer client. As I shift into more long-term planning for my biz, I'm looking to work more with organizations who want to use Anchored's services on a long-term basis. Although I don't want to put a number on the amount of retainer clients I want to score this quarter or year since that's out of my control, I plan to make some major steps to grow this next level of business.

  • Website refresh to attract my desired audience.
    As a tie-in to tailoring my audience, I want to slightly refresh my website by the end of this quarter. Although content will stay mostly the same, I'm planning to redo my homepage to better serve clients and display my work.

  • More of an overall weekly set schedule.
    I set the building blocks in Q1, but I'm ready to make habits in Q2. Continue with my morning routine, set days for social media scheduling, blogging, creating emails, etc. - leggo, y'all.

  • Set personal projects that are a better use of my time.
    One of my goals for Q1 was to create a personal project every month. I loved doing that, but a personal project I set it December didn't always work for that month ahead. This quarter, I would love to finish up an Instagram challenge, create a new workbook, and finish up a personal branding project - but we'll see what order they fall in.

  • Be more personal in my newsletters & set a schedule for this.
    I got my newsletter off the ground this past quarter, and I want for it to flourish this next quarter. An email mini-course might even be in the works! 

And, that's it for my Q2 goals! What are your thoughts? Have you tackled any of these goals in your biz? Let me know in the comments!