Welcome to the new Anchored Creative Studio

As I teased earlier this year, I’ve been feeling a shift coming to this little studio for awhile now. When I founded Anchored Creative Studio in 2016, I was leaving a nonprofit marketing job and was ready to get paid to design full-time for the first time ever. It was so much fun, and a dream come true. I was focusing on branding, but took all the projects I could get. Over the last three years working on this business, I feel experienced enough (as a business owner and as a designer) to step into the next phase of business. The studio now has a new visual brand and website, which matches up with our new mission and values.

Our new values are listed below, outlining what exactly what will be changing here, and what this next step means.

01. Clarity. As we work with clients, we want to bring clarity to what they do and who they’re working with. In order to do this, we are now offering select branding packages to all of our clients. You can check out all of these on our services page. Once you’ve completed branding with us, we can also tackle additional design projects.

02. Strategy. The studio has always felt strategic, but we are taking it in an additional direction. Like I mentioned above, I used to work in nonprofit marketing, and I’m going back to my roots by offering additional communication strategy work within our branding packages, which will further set up organizations for success. This additional strategy work creates a strong foundation for website, social media, or other copy that needs to be written for the organization, ensuring that their written brand is in line with their visual brand. Overall, we want to help organizations stop being reactionary, and start being strategic.

03. Education. As this studio has grown, I’ve learned so much - about design, about business, and about life. I want to continue to share that knowledge here on this blog, on social media, and in new courses. Additionally, as the studio grows, I want to expand our capacity to create continuing education for our clients to learn more about the importance of continued branding.

04. Collaboration. Finally, we are shifting our client base. We’ve niched a bit in terms of industries, but it turns out that it works better for us to focus on specific experiences of businesses - not the type of work they do. I’ve continually found that our work works best with organizations that 1) have been in business for awhile, but are finding that their mission is no longer reaching their audience, 2) their audience has shifted, or 3) they’re preparing for growth, and want to establish a strong brand. We are ready to find more of our people, and create a collaborative relationship.

And there you have it! I’m so excited to take this step into the future, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!