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Dare Me Beautiful | Website Design

Over the past few months, I've had the opportunity to work on some awesome new web design projects, and have enjoyed flexing this new muscle in my design repertoire. I always recommend Squarespace to clients because it's the most intuitive website builder and content management system I've ever worked with. It's important to not only build a beautiful website, but one that will be simple to upkeep and easy to use as your business changes and grows.

I spent some time early this year putting together a web design template for Dare Me Beautiful, a body love blog and inspiration showcase for brown females. They wanted a low-cost option to help setup their Squarespace site, so I used filler text and photos for them to edit later on. This is a great option to get your website done quickly. You can check out Dare Me Beautiful's live blog here, and wireframes of my work below! 


Digital Design: Savvy Shopkeeper

Confession time: I actually finished this project a few months back and never got around to blogging about it! I worked with Karen from the Savvy Shopkeeper on a project that was a little different from what I've tackled in the past, but knew it was right up my alley after Karen and I chatted about what she was looking for.

A successful entrepreneur and business owner herself, Karen started the Savvy Shopkeeper blog to share tips and tricks about launching a retail business with others. As she started sharing her blog posts, Karen realized the graphics she was using weren't hitting the mark. She wanted a designer to create custom monoline graphics (aka, digitally made graphics where all lines are uniform width) to use within her blog headers and social shares. Below are a few of my favorites, all shown in Kathy's brand colors. Enjoy!

Branding: Thrive to Lead

I love working with small business owners. Not only do I enjoy being able to make a brand identity with a completely fresh slate, but you can't help but get excited about working with an entrepreneur. Working with someone who is striking out on their own is so enjoyable, and always reminds me why I do what I do. 

I was connected to Kristen from Thrive to Lead through a referral. After more than a decade in the corporate world, Kristen was starting up her own company to coach corporate leaders and small businesses to achieve sales success. She wanted a classic brand for her company that incorporated her tagline of Thrive to Lead, Lead to Thrive. 

Initial round of logo drafts; after color was added, Kristen chose a variation of the logo on the bottom left.

Initial round of logo drafts; after color was added, Kristen chose a variation of the logo on the bottom left.

After choosing a direction for the company's logo, I created final variations with the bold brand colors of red and blue. Thrive to Lead's final color palette included a bold yellow, black and grey. 

In addition to basic branding, I also created business cards, one sheets and a Squarespace website for Thrive to Lead. It was awesome to have an opportunity to take this business to a new level of branding through both printed and digital materials. 

You can check out Kristen's full new Squarespace site at