wedding invitations

Wedding Design: Florals

Floral wedding invitations are all the rage right now, y'all. Whether it's bright pops of color or subdued pastels, flowers and greenery are the perfect visual theme for a spring or early summer wedding. 

Over the past few weeks, I've worked with a few different clients who wanted to channel spring themes in printed items for their wedding celebrations. I worked to develop a menu and hand lettered placecards for a February reception (that ended up being on a 80 degree day, go figure), as well as a simple invitation for a June party for friends and family after a private wedding ceremony. I loved the simple invitation for the second event, I developed a full invitation suite, which can be yours through purchase on my Etsy page

The wedding dinner menus included hand lettered sections, which made gave me a fabulous excuse to purchase a few new brushes. I just love how everything turned out: 

I also worked with a client who was looking for something very spring-y for their simple wedding reception. I added the RSVP and Details cards to make it a full set to sell on Etsy: 

If you're ever looking for custom invitations for your big wedding day (or other event), give me a shout or leave a comment below! I'm always excited to collaborate.

Design Process: Elegant Watercolor Wedding Invitations

A few months ago, I was approached by a friend's sister to help design her wedding invitations. The wedding is an intimate gathering hosted at a Kentucky orchard this fall, and the bride wanted to utilize the wedding colors of ivory and navy to create simple yet elegant invitations for event. I was so excited for this suite that I now have a version of it listed on my Etsy site. I created three versions of the invitation, and we designed from there:


The couple ended up choosing the design with the navy background, but also loved the other two designs, so we ended up incorporating them into RSVP and accommodations card.