Amelia Damplo Videography
Amelia Damplo Yoga

We love showing off this project for many reasons - one of them being that it displays how much color makes a difference in the branding process.

We partnered with a Los Angeles-based freelancer, Amelia Damplo, to create branding for her two eponymous businesses. Because they both draw from Amelia’s name, it was important to create a sense of cohesion to show her personal brand, while still remaining different because of their distinct services.

We did this through color. Amelia was drawn to organic, natural shapes for both her videography business (where she works primarily with makers and artisans) and her yoga business (where she works primarily with mothers-to-be). We worked with simple shapes, creating a custom typeface out of cutout shapes.

We created a moodier, more earth-inspired palette for her videography business, and stuck with light, airy colors for her yoga brand. The final result uniquely creates an identity with common threads while still being distinctly different.

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