The secret to your business is your anchor.


Why is it that you serve others through your business? What is the concept that inspires you and tethers to your purpose daily?

We refer to that magical feeling, that secret sauce, as your business' anchor. It's a specific crossover of your passion and your purpose, and idenfiying this is how we start all of our branding sessions. Your anchor is completely unique, and identifies the mission at the heart of your organization, as well as who your clients are and how you connect with them.

It’s our job to weave your anchor throughout the design process, so that your organization’s mission is apparent throughout the visual design. We provide a full brand toolkit and brand standards document to guide your growth in the future.

Here at Anchored Creative Studio, our anchor is working with growing businesses to ease their growing pains by crafting a brand strategy and visual identity that will fit them for years to come. Let us help find yours.


Are you ready to find your anchor?