The secret to your business is your anchor.


Why is it that you serve others through your business? What is the concept that inspires you and tethers to your purpose daily?

We refer to that magical feeling, that secret sauce, as your business' anchor. It's a specific crossover of your passion and your purpose, and idenfiying this is how we start all of our branding sessions. Your anchor is completely unique, and identifies the mission at the heart of your organization, as well as who your clients are and how you connect with them.

It’s our job to weave your anchor throughout the design process, so that your organization’s mission is apparent throughout the visual design. We provide a full brand toolkit and brand standards document to guide your growth in the future.

Here at Anchored Creative Studio, our anchor is working with growing businesses to ease their growing pains by crafting a brand strategy and visual identity that will fit them for years to come. Let us help find yours.


Are you ready to find your anchor?


Our Branding Process: Find Your Anchor

We dig deep to discover your passion and purpose - your anchor - and weave in throughout the visual design of your organization.




No matter the type of project we are working on together, it all starts with discovery. We will discuss in-depth the type of problems you’re looking to solve, the scope of your campaign or deliverables, and any other considerations. From there, our team will deliver a proposal outlining the scope of work, and we’ll kick off working together.


Anchored Creative Studio is a huge believer in strategy before design - it strengthens the weight of your project, helps us identify your core audience, uncover your mission, and will chart your organization toward long-term success with the implementation of our work together. During this phase, these are some of the insights you can expect us to uncover:

  • Mission Statement

  • Core Values

  • Core Audience & Audience Profiles

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Voice

  • Copy Tone & Tone Words

  • Naming

  • Visual Inspiration (aka, connecting your business strategy to strategic visuals)

In this stage, we dig deeper into your organization’s wants and needs for your branding and/or campaign, and pair that with our design expertise. Our team will come up with a creative brief and strategy document that outlines the creative direction of your project, as well as visual inspiration to chart the course for your brand moving forward.




Presentation & Refinement.

From here, you can sit back and relax while our team gets to work on creative concepts. We will send over our concepts with a short video, outlining our thought process behind these initial concepts, and how they fit in with your audience and mission. From here, most clients have just a few tweaks and refinements to get in before we move onto the next step.

Final Steps & Deliverables.

After we finalize your main design, we’ll get to work on any other pieces and parts (such as marketing materials or website landing pages) associated with your project. After it’s all wrapped up, we send over your final deliverables and a brand guide so you can use all of your gorgeous, strategic designs with ease.

At the end of the process, deliverables can look like the following:

  • Logo and Sublogo Designs

  • Typography

  • Color Palette

  • Strategic Brand Guidelines, outlining how to apply your brand strategy, copy and visuals

  • Brand Pattern and/or Textures

  • Photography Guidelines and Stock Photography

  • Packaging Design

  • Marketing Collateral Design

  • Environmental Design and Strategy




Anna Beyerle, Founder & Creative Director

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m Anna, and I love helping organizations bring their passion and purpose to the surface of what they do every day. It’s my mission to use my skills as a creative and as a strategist to create amazing work that makes your life easier on an everyday basis. It’s my superpower as a Libra sun, Virgo moon, ya know?

I founded Anchored in 2016, and made it my full-time job in 2018. Outside of designing and strategizing, I’m a certified yoga teacher, love to write, paint, and read. I live in Denver, Colorado, by way of Kentucky, Ohio, and New York, and love calling this city home. You can usually find me taking calls in my home office with my cat, Roscoe, or hanging out with my husband, Jacob.



We work with clients across industries and experience, and have found our best fit with those who share similar values with our business. If these sound up your alley, get in touch!