Branding Your Biz: Building a Visual Identity Workbook

Branding Your Biz is a three-part workbook series that will help teach fledgling companies what a brand is, how to establish their own, and - most importantly - how to successfully implement a brand.

This first workbook focuses on design strategy and the first steps to build your visual brand. This downloadable workbook is perfect for small businesses just starting up, nonprofits in the need of refocused brand positioning, or any business owner who wants to take some time to define their audience and look at the "why" of their business.

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Ballast Notes

Looking for advice as you create your own brand, or tips of creative resources? Ballast Notes are different resources for nonprofits and small businesses looking to DIY their brand, new graphic designers looking to learn more about freelance skills, and more. To start out the Ballast Notes blog, I'll provide some insight into my design background, and some tips on how to jump start your own design career or learn new skills on your own time. 

Also check out the #BallastNotes hashtag on Twitter to check out bite-sized versions! 

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