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Gorgeous design with a practical approach.

Studying journalism taught me not to waste any words. I now apply the same philosophy to my designs—every stroke has meaning, and every flourish contributes to your message.

As an experienced marketer, I create pieces that will work across different social media platforms and in print, so you get maximum value out of each design.

Take a look through my portfolio to see if my work feels right for you.

Together we can cast a vision and I’ll turn it into something tangible.

Design that’s anchored in your brand. Whether we created your brand from scratch together, or you’re bringing me an established brand to work with, I believe every design piece should be an extension of your brand. Everything will match, and everything will be meaningful.

Design that means something. Studying journalism in college taught me not to waste any words. I now apply the same philosophy to my designs—every stroke has meaning, and every flourish contributes to your message. My designs are clean and packed with personality.

Designs you can actually use. I consider how to make each piece most useful—will this work in print as well as online? Are these designs the right shape for different social media platforms? It’s really important to me that you get maximum value out of each design.

From type to color, Anna took everything into account and created a beautiful brand for me that I’ve received so many compliments on.
— Katie Kurtz, Soul Connect

Brand Design

Whether you're creating a new organization from scratch, rebranding or simply refreshing your brand standards, it's an exciting but overwhelming process. Getting an outside perspective is key when starting to build your brand, and I’m here to help for as much as you need. I always strive to arm my clients with branding elements they will actually use, and I understand that isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation.

Although I recommend a full branding suite for any client, I realistically understand that budget and timing may restrict this. I have a variety of packages to choose from, all of which include a phone call to discuss your brand, moodboard design, logo design, and color palette and affordable typeface recommendations. Packages can also include:

  • Secondary logo(s) + submark
  • Brand positioning document + style guide
  • Social media sized logos
  • Business cards and stationery
  • Marketing collateral
  • Packaging design
  • Squarespace website setup + brand integration
  • Brand resource guide for future growth



Print Design

  • Annual and quarterly reports
  • Fliers, one-pagers and brochures
  • Postcards and posters
  • Lookbooks, catalogs and pricing guides
  • Packaging design
  • Pattern design
  • Custom illustration and hand lettering



Digital Design

  • Web design in Squarespace
  • Social media shares for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  • Social media share templates
  • Email design (MailChimp and Constant Contact)
  • Email template setup
  • Custom lettering and illustration
  • Social media brand advisement

Brand Clarity Consultation 

We offer brand strategy sessions to help you get a firm sense of what your brand is, who your customers are, and how to bring those together. You’ll come out of this process with a document outlining some of the key words that describe your brand, how you want customers or consumers of your products to feel, what types of clients may be attracted to your brand, and a visual moodboard to set you up for visual success. If you’re looking for advisement on any specific topics (social media, web design, etc.), we can tackle those, as well.

Brand strategy starts at $200 for a one hour phone call + wrap up document. If you choose to work with me for any of those recommendations that are within my scope of work, you get 15% off my services.