Visit Astoria

Visit Astoria is a conceptual brand inspired by the Astoria neighborhood located in Queens, New York. Based on the idea of a business improvement district (BID) focused on bringing new people to visit the businesses of Astoria, this brand was created with Manhattanites and other New Yorkers with disposable income in mind.

Brand Strategy
Brand Design
Marketing Collateral Design
Wayfinding and Environmental Design


For wayfinding purposes, we focused on simple maps that shows the walkability of Astoria. At each transit stop, the visitor is able to quickly identify their location in relation to the bus or train line they are on, and can also easily see the walkability of the neighborhood through a walking map.


With the audience of 25-35 and 55+ year olds with disposable income as the main audience, this brand plays to both retro nostalgia and millennial audiences. By keeping the design oriented toward typography and bold colors, the print design piques interest and raises the neighborhood to top of mind, whether the consumer has never visited Astoria, or hasn’t in many years.

The opening campaign focuses on an audience who is looking for a new neighborhood or experience to explore, showing the easy transit and accessibility options to arrive in Astoria. The only imagery utilized are clean illustrations featuring these accessibility options, and Astoria architecture. Because of the varying businesses and parts of Astoria, this keeps marketing materials evergreen for years to come.