We’re Hiring!


As an organization that works to help brands grow into their next phase of business, we know when it’s time to do it ourselves. So, we’re hiring!

Anchored is entering their own stage of growth and is looking to take on several part time, contract positions to aid in our next stage of business. Applications are considered on a rolling basis, and all positions will remain open until filled. 

If you feel that you are a mix of the below roles, or don’t quite fit into a role below, but would love to work with Anchored Creative Studio - apply! We want to work with passionate, collaborative individuals, and are more than happy to build a job up around that person. We believe in crafting a position where you are working on what you are passionate about, and aren’t trying to do something you’re not jumping for joy over.


About Anchored Creative Studio: 

Anchored Creative Studio creates mindful, strategy-oriented brand design for organizations, nonprofits, and environments of all sizes. Our work is centered on growing businesses, and providing deliverables and tools to empower business owners to successfully scale their organizations and give them their time back. 

Through our process, Anchored lays a foundation for marketing efforts and growth into new physical spaces. We create a conscious, meaningful brand strategy and align brand visuals and brand voice for long-term marketing success, ensuring that an organization’s entire team speaks and shares consistently and with ease from one anchor point - now and in the future.